Dear Corvette Enthusiast:

Thanks for your interest in our Club. Here is a brief overview of what the Club is and what we do:

We were organized in 1977 and formally incorporated in 1988 as a Maine non-profit corporation. We are an IRS recognized Section 501(c)(7) tax-exempt social club. We are founding members of the New England Corvette Council, an organization of Corvette Clubs.

Membership options include:
Active Members: Dues are $30 per year for a couple, each with a vote, and $15 per year for a single, with one vote. Both residents and non-residents of Maine may be Active Members.

Associate Members: Dues are $15 per year for both couples and singles. Associate Members are not entitled to vote. Only non-residents of Maine may be Associate Members.

Name-Tag Fee should accompany all applications. The Name-Tag Fee is used to cover the cost of a hard plastic name tag with a magnetized back.

To use a credit card to pay your membership and/or name tag fees, click on the link below.  Please check the box next to “Add $x.xx to help cover the fees.”

Click here to pay using a credit card

Corvette activities include traveling to and participating in Corvette shows and “mixed” auto shows around New England and occasionally beyond, going on “runs” (perhaps to Bar Harbor or to distant events like Corvettes at Carlisle, PA). Other activities include potluck suppers rotating around to different members’ homes, restaurant get-togethers all year round, picnics, visits to natural wonders, tours of points of interest, and whatever else might appeal to Club members. Meetings are extremely informal, and are usually incorporated into some form of other activity that includes eating. We try to have a meeting once a month in order to schedule upcoming events. Members are notified of upcoming events or changes in plans by email, Facebook posts, and the Club Calendar accessible via this website.

The frequency of activities varies according to the season – something is generally happening every weekend during the summer months. During the winter, our PSCW (Post-Season Corvette Withdrawal) Support Group goes into action and organizes a get-together once or twice a month.

Our Club sponsors an annual extended weekend trip to beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine, which occurs on the weekend after Memorial Day. Cruises of the Bar Harbor area occur on Friday as well as a “Meet and Greet” event on Friday evening. On Saturday, a car show is held in downtown Bar Harbor, followed by a scenic cruise and a banquet dinner on Saturday evening. In between events, there is down-time for attendees to explore Bar Harbor at their own pace or to connect with both old and new friends.

All Club activities are designated smoke-free events.

Save the wave!!!

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